Doll Hospital
Cherie Gorden is renowned as an expert in
restoring and repairing fine porcelain and
antique dolls. She is a frequent lecturer
and speaker at events and shows where
she tells the stories of the origins of antique
dolls and delights her listeners with tales
of the beautiful dolls she saves.

Sisters Doll Hospital is the most unique
of places with scraps of velvets, laces
and silks, doll wigs and replacement parts.
Cherie and  assistant, Liz Brown are busy
practicing the delicate techniques taught
originally to Cherie by her "Aunt Gertrude

Sisters Doll Hospital takes patients on a
limited basis and by appointment only.
A large stockpile of arms, legs,
heads, wigs and hands make
matching to a specific doll much
less painfull!
Painting new faces
is the most fun and
the most delicate
of cosmetic surgeries
at Sister's Doll Hospital.
Sisters Doll Hospital
is located within
Aunt Gertrude's House
at 112 East Oklahoma
in Historic, Guthrie OK.

We cannot estimate
the cost on repairs
over the phone or by
Please call us at
for an appointment
to bring your doll to
Guthrie and we will
be glad to give you
an estimate of cost
and a time frame for
the repair.
Mattie likes to help Cherie
evaluate the dolls brought
in for repair.
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112 East Oklahoma
Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044
405 . 213
. 5858